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Blue Dream THC Capsules

5 reviews

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Sea to Sky Cannabis’s Blue Dream capsules are a strain specific THC capsules that are hand made in Vancouver containing decarboxylated medical marijuana infused into 100% pure first press organic coconut oil, the capsules are FDA approved and BSE free.

Absorption of THC can vary depending on the presence of food in the stomach or gut. To avoid variability in daily dosing patients should use extracts at the same time and under the same conditions.

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  • 10 capsules for $30

30mg THC per capsule

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For faster application place capsules in fridge, when coconut oil solidifies remove cap and squeeze coconut oil directly under tongue for sublingual absorption.

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4 Capsules, 8 Capsules

Reviews (5)

05 Reviews

  1. Dwayne

    I really enjoyed these pills. They were extremely relaxing. Oral application takes a little longer to take effect in comparison to smoking but also lasts much longer. The high quality is noticeable.

  2. Donald Swanson

    These capsules work very well, I have ptsd and these are the best they last such a long time with a great high

  3. JJ Stuffs

    These are great however for those with high tolerance do not eat everyday.

  4. Ethanfiggs

    These pill forms were great. easy to take and effects for me personally where just tiredness or made me sleepy. Overall good product.

  5. Sandy Garrity

    I believe they are helping me relax enough to get to sleep

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Blue Dream THC Capsules

$ 30.00

In stock

Earn 1 points worth $ 0.60
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