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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Ship Your Products?

Top Shelf Express ships medical cannabis to any location in Canada. We do not ship our products outside of Canada.  

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Payment for your orders are made via interact e-transfer. Once you place your order you will receive payment instructions in an email.

How Do You Ship Your Products?

Top Shelf Express ships our products using Canada Post ExpressPost. Products are sealed, boxed and placed in bubble wrap envelopes for discretion. Our shipping is fast, safe, secure, and discreet.

Do You Have a Referral Program?

Top Shelf Express rewards our customers by providing a credit to those who refer a friend. If you refer a friend you will receive 5% of their first order as reward points for you to redeem on your next order.

Is Your Product Really ‘Top Shelf’?

Absolutely. Top Shelf Express prides itself on our ability to acquire the finest strains of medicinal cannabis. Our patients are picky so our buyers are picky and we only buy the best to ensure our patients are getting the best.  
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