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Truth About Hemp Oil And Cannabis Oil

Truth About Hemp Oil And Cannabis Oil

Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana?

Is it the same thing? Or is there a difference? There is a lot of confusion between these for many people. People use these words as synonyms in spite of referring to different things. Actually, they are not the same. Cannabis is a plant family that consists of various species like saliva and indica. Hemp oli is one variety of Cannabis which has tall and sturdy stems and high levels of CBD and low THC levels. Although technically, Marijuana is another name for the cannabis plant. It often refers to the drug prepared by the dried leaves and stems of the cannabis plant, which consists of higher THC levels.

If you are interested in buying the best cannabis products, you need to be able to distinguish between Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana. Both Marijuana and Hemp are plant species that belongs to the cannabis plant family. Hemp is a variety of Cannabis which has low THC levels, and Marijuana is another cannabis variety that has high THC levels. Although Hemp consists of low levels of THC levels, it has higher levels of useful cannabinoids like CBD, which has relaxing and calming effects on the body.

What’s the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Glancing back to history, humans have been cultivating Cannabis for thousands of years. Though there are many types of plant types in the Cannabis Family, Marijuana is the most controversial and ill-famed.

Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) grows as a bushy and short plant, which consists of sticky glands, which are called artichokes. These glands produce a psychotropic substance called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC gives users a characteristic high, and it also has many health benefits.

Unlike Marijuana, the hemp plant grows tall and sturdy. The tough fibres of the hemp plant and hemp oil, which are made from hemp seeds, have several different uses. In general, Hemp is mostly used for industrial purposes.

Physical Differences

Both Marijuana and Hemp belongs to the Cannabis plant family. They are both of the same plant species but have some significant dissimilarities in the way they grow, appear, the chemical compounds in their extractions and uses.

The hemp plants usually grow up to 15 feet with sturdy and long stalks while Marijuana grows only up to a maximum of 5 feet with more leaves and buds than Hemp. The marijuana plants need some space to grow, but the industrial hemp plant doesn’t. They grow fine tightly packed together.

Chemical Differences in Cannabis Oils

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The chemical compound (cannabinoids) difference within each plant is the most significant difference between the cannabis plants.

Nearly 400 types of cannabinoids are found in both cannabis plants. The two cannabinoids which are most profoundly found and active are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Basically, you need to have a clear understanding of these two cannabinoids to choose between marijuana and hemp oils correctly.

THC mainly has psychoactive effects, which causes characteristic high for users. It also has possible health benefits as well. Still, some people tend to be sensitive to THC, which causes some undesirable side effects. CBD is mostly used for medical purposes. In the past few years, researchers and experts have found more interest in CBD for its potential to improve health and wellbeing.

Marijuana oil vs Hemp Oil 

Although the oil extracted from both Marijuana and Hemp consists of both THC and CBD, they are of different amounts. For instance, Marijuana contains 5-10% of THC levels, even though some strains might contain higher percentages. Hemp oil legally can only contain 0.3 percent or less amount of THC, as stipulated by the 2018 Farm Bill.

What is Marijuana Oil? 

Marijuana oil is made using the THC and CBD extracted from the marijuana buds with the use of a solvent. The buds release cannabinoids like THC and CBD and other fat-soluble compounds into the solvent. Marijuana oil is extracted by boiling down this mixture.

In general, cannabis oil extracted in this manner consists of higher amounts of THC and lower amounts of CBD comparatively. Not only that, but it also contains many other beneficial cannabinoids as well. Meanwhile, the extraction requires high-quality marijuana buds, and an excellent solvent and the process is more time-consuming.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is made of different hemp strains, which contains high CBD levels and only almost a hint of THC. Hemp oil doesn’t have psychoactive effects on the users but several health benefits.

Hemp oil contains a high concentration of CBD and also omega 6, omega 3 fatty acids and linoleic acids at the same time. These fats enhance the body functioning, and they are also essential.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Benefits of Marijuana Oil

Researchers and scientists have discovered interesting wonders of marijuana oils. It has been found that marijuana oil has many health benefits.

Researchers have proven that Marijuana can stimulate the appetite. It was confirmed in a study in 2007. It was used to stimulate the appetite of anorexia patients and for patients who were suffering from nausea. It also improves the health of asthma patients. Marijuana works as a bronchodilator. Inhalation of marijuana vapours can improve air conductivity in the lungs, which is an excellent treatment for asthma. Marijuana can help to reduce anxiety, stress and fear. Studies have proven that Marijuana is capable of reducing the effects of PTSD on war veterans. Marijuana is also a good pain killer. It is capable of reducing physical pain. Studies have discovered that a single dose of Marijuana can reduce the pain levels of patients who suffer from post-surgical neuropathic pain. Marijuana also can improve sleep since it relaxes the body and mind and also reduces stress and discomfort.

More uses and potential benefits of Marijuana oil are yet to be discovered. Marijuana is already used to treat many ailments like chronic pain, side effects of chemotherapy, stress and more.

truth about hemp oil and cannabis oil

Benefits of Hemp Oil

When speaking of the benefits of hemp oil, it mostly improves the quality of life. The CBD in hemp oil has many incredible effects on health-wise. For instance, hemp oil has a relaxing effect that helps for better sleep, and it can reduce stress, decrease inflammation and, most importantly, it can improve the quality of life. The CBD in hemp oil can give a general sense of euphoria without the psychoactive effects of Marijuana.

Hemp Oil Benefits vs Marijuana Oil Benefits Side

Pain-relieving, stress-reducing, and improving sleep are some common health benefits of both marijuana oil and hemp oil. Still, there are differences between the two. For instance, hemp oil mostly helps to improve the quality of life while marijuana oil is used for specific purposes like reducing chronic pain and for treating the side effects of chemotherapy. Hemp oil can relax the body and reduce inflammation without euphoric effects, unlike Marijuana. It makes hemp oil more comfortable to use for a beginner. Still, further studies are being continued to find yet undiscovered potential benefits of both Marijuana and Hemp.

Side Effects of Cannabis Oils

Although there are a lot of benefits to marijuana and hemp oils, they also come with a small number of side effects.

Side Effects of Marijuana Oil

Using Marijuana before the age of 18 might alter brain function. Unless advised by a physician, it’s best not to use Marijuana at a young age.

Marijuana users might experience slightly reduced memory function and the ability to think. Because of the THC in Marijuana will find it a bit hard to learn and concentrate while the THC is still active.

Marijuana also shouldn’t be taken simultaneously with other medications without the prescription of a physician. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should refrain from using any marijuana product.

Risky activities like driving and working with heavy machinery should also be avoided while the THC is still active.

However, if used under the prescription of professional medical Marijuana is safe in general. There are no direct fatalities reported, although Marijuana is claimed as a dangerous drug.

Side Effects of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has fewer side effects when compared with Marijuana oil because hemp oil only contains a minimal amount of THC.

Hemp oil has a high concentration of polyunsaturated fats, which can lead to cardiovascular problems, but it can be easily avoided by only using the right dose of hemp oil daily.

If you have a sensitive digestive system, there is a possibility of experiencing diarrhea and stomach cramps. In that case, you will have to reduce the amount of hemp oil you use.

You should consult a physician before using hemp oil if you have blood clotting issues. Just like Marijuana oil, hemp oil also shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Effects of Hemp Oil vs Side Effects of Marijuana Oil

As discussed earlier, the most significant difference between marijuana oil and help oil is the level of THC present in them, which differs from the side effects of the two cannabis oils. Since Marijuana has higher THC levels, it’s more likely to have side effects related to memory, concentration, learning and general cognition. Hemp oil has a smaller number of side effects when compared to marijuana oil. The high polyunsaturated fat content is the reason for most of the side effects of hemp oil. It may cause heart diseases and digestive issues if used more than the recommended serving amounts.

cannabis oil

How to Use Cannabis Oil

Marijuana oil

The most usual way of using Marijuana is smoking, but it also is ingested as marijuana oi. Using marijuana oil gives you the chance to measure the servings precisely, use it in beverages, or food. If you have an idea of making any baked marijuana products, you need to utilize Marijuana in the oil form. Not only that, but marijuana oil is also the best way to consume Marijuana for non-smokers, children who need to take Marijuana for medical purposes and people who have suffered from respiratory conditions previously. Consuming marijuana oil takes a bit longer to come into effect than smoking, but you will get equally high either way. Normally, medicinal Marijuana is ingested using syringe applicators or self-filled capsules. Always make sure you use medicinal Marijuana only under the prescription of a doctor.

Hemp oil

There is a wide range of ways to get your daily serving of hemp oil, which comes as various CBD oil products. The simplest way of using CBD oil is in its raw form. These oils are available in different CBD concentration levels. If you prefer to ingest hemp oil in a flavourless and easy way, you can use Hemp Capsules. Another option is Hemp Spray, which you can directly spray CBD oil on your tongue. There are also Vape Oils, which can be used in vape pens. Vape oil comes in a wide range of flavours, including the original hemp flavour. You can add Vape Additives to your regular vaping liquid. There are also Tropical CBD products like creams, salves, balms and lotions, which can be used externally for soothing your body. If you are a chocolate lover, hemp-infused artisan chocolate is the perfect choice for you to take your daily serving of CBD. Not only that, but you can also have the sweetest CBD Lozenges, which freshens your breath while also giving you your daily dose of CBD at the same time.

Using Hemp Oil vs Using Marijuana Oil

Both Hemp and Marijuana come in different products and forms like oils, capsules, baked goodies, chocolates and vape oils. However, they are not accessible in the same way.

Although Marijuana is legalized in many countries, there are somewhere Marijuana is illegal. Even in legalized Canada, you will need the necessary documentation or a card from your doctor to use medicinal Marijuana. You can hardly use any marijuana product without getting high. So the usage also depends on your purpose of using or what you want.

Hemp products are more suitable for daily use than Marijuana since Hemp is rich in CBD and only a trace of THC. Hemp is also available in many varied forms like oils, capsules, edibles, chocolates and tropicals. Moreover, hemp oil is also ideal for baking and cooking. Hemp oil is also available for vaping, but you must see to that you get a hemp vape oil because regular hemp oil is not suitable to use in vapes. Its thickness makes it hard to burn properly in a vape.

Most Common Doubts about Cannabis

Is there THC in Hemp Oil? 

Yes. Hemp oil does contain THC but only tiny traces. Hemp oil users will not have any euphoric effects because of the THC level in Hemp very little.

Is there a difference between Hemp and Cannabis? 

Cannabis is a plant family that has many plant species. Hemp is one plant species in the cannabis family, and another one is Marijuana.

How to distinguish Hemp from Marijuana? 

Although both Marijuana and Hemp are types of Cannabis, they have different qualities physically and chemically. Marijuana plants are short and bushy, and its buds contain about 20-30% of THC. Hemp is a rather tall plant which consists of a large amount of CBD in its seeds and stalks and also a minimal amount of THC as well.

What is Hemp Oil? 

It is a very nutritious oil extracted from the hemp plants, specifically from the seeds and stalks. Hemp oil consists of high levels of CBD, omega 3, omega 6 and linoleic fatty acids. The specialty of hemp oil is that it contains only a small amount of THC, and the oil is extracted directly from the plant, unlike marijuana oil.

Are Hemp Oil and Cannabis Oil the same?

No, it’s not the same thing. People usually refer to marijuana oil when they say “cannabis oil.” Although hemp oil is actually a type of cannabis oil, it usually is not the same thing when being sold. The oil sold as cannabis oil can give you psychoactive effects since it is rich in THC but hemp oil only contains a trace of THC and will not cause any euphoric effects.

Is Hemp the same as Weed?

No. Weed is another name for Marijuana. Though Marijuana and Hemp are of the cannabis plant family, they are quite different. Hemp plants are mostly used for industrial purposes like to produce tough fibres and nutritional oil. Marijuana or Weed is mostly cultivated for medical purposes and for its psychotropic effects.

What is Marijuana Shatter? 

Marijuana Shatter is a transparent, thin slab of marijuana extract. This slab can be either solid or sticky, depending on the temperature and terrine content.

What is Marijuana Wax? 

Marijuana was too is a marijuana extract that is non-transparent, rather opaque and solid. This wax can either be gooey or brittle as a honeycomb.

What is the difference between Hemp Oil and Marijuana Oil?

The most significant difference between marijuana oil and hemp oil is that marijuana oil ( cannabis oil) gives you euphoric effects while hemp oil does not. This is because marijuana oil contains a high level of THC and hemp oil has only a small amount of THC but is rich in CBD.


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