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How to Safely Try Marijuana Edibles

How to Safely Try Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana is fast becoming the world’s most sought after recreational drug, that does not pose a significant threat to uses and actually, has many medical benefits. These medical effects have led extracted Marijuana edibles popularized in various ways – as something to be smoked, used in a vaporizer and more recently, as edible food items laced with doses of the drug.

Consuming marijuana edibles has become easier than before. Due to their availability online. There are many online weed shops in Canada which sell Marijuana edibles. However, selecting the best online dispensary would be a somewhat challenging task. It is also essential to know how to handle your edibles.

 Concentrations of the drug in edibles are much higher than what you would generally smoke; it is very easy to ingest more than you need to, as a result,  about doses, timing, surrounding factors at the time of consumption and overall effects, any newbie to the edible game needs to be aware of many things.

Packaging and Labeling

Any marijuana edible should be packaged appropriately and labelled clearly, with information about Cannabis concentration and instructions on how to ingest it, if it is highly concentrated. Due to mostly illegal nature of the drug in the rest of the world, there is next to no standard labelling practices observed by manufacturers of edibles, and this does not mean that these edibles are not suitable to use. Manufactures are always careful to keep the Cannabis concentration within safer boundaries. Therefore, there is absolutely no harm from these marijuana edibles at all.

Some of the manufactures print Cannabis concentration and other instructions on their product’s label. Then, in that case, you can read the label to determine the amount of Cannabis is in the edible, and then make a decision on how much of it at a time you must take.


Pay Attention To Your Body’s Tolerance

Marijuana Edibles onlineNot everyone is built the same, and with regular use, comes a higher tolerance for any substance. This is why no newbie to edibles should decide to hit the same amount as their more experienced friends or colleagues. It would be best if you started small and gradually build up your tolerance levels.

One dose of Marijuana is roughly 10 milligrams, but for most beginners, a 5-milligram dose is a good starting point. Edibles come in all forms: chocolate, cookies, brownies, gummies, brownies, popcorn and drinks. Given the vast array of options, it is imperative that you choose one that you are comfortable with and one that you can segment as you wish and keep track of. This way, you’ll know how much you need to have an enjoyable high.

Most edibles are typically labelled with their individual THC/CBD contents in milligrams if they’re on the legal market. This could provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the amount of Cannabis you can expect, and accordingly, you can consume the edible in parts. A complete newbie to Marijuana is advised to start off with doses of 5 milligrams and go from there. It is advised that if you are starting again after taking a prolonged break from the substance, to ease you back into it. You might find yourself to be susceptible to negative effects of the drugs more, with a low tolerance, so stay ahead of your body and track what you ingest.


What Type of Edible Do You eat ?

There are various types of edibles that you can try out, but the experience differs with the kind of edible you eat – so it’s more than the look of the edible that matters. When consuming a marijuana-infused chocolate bar, you may feel high in a way that’s different to how you feel it when you eat marijuana-infused gummy. Similarly, the way you feel high after smoking a joint would not be the same way you feel high off the edible.

Safe to say, you need to be aware of more than just the amount of milligrams that you’re consuming – your history with the stuff and the reactions you were privy to with the types of edibles previously, also need to be taken into consideration.


Find Your “Chill” Spot

Whether you’re getting yourself back on the substance or you’re trying it out for the first time, you need to make sure you’re somewhere that’s safe for you to trip out, before that. This could mean your literal home or somewhere that’s familiar. The homely atmosphere will help you develop feelings of relaxation, bliss and happiness, which is ultimately the best way to feel under the influence as well. A few couches, a good atmosphere, mood lighting etc will also help.

Additionally, it would be better if you were to have the experience with a loved one – a trusted friend or colleague, a significant other or relative that knows how to handle you would be the ideal type of person to have to hang around. This not only puts your mind at ease, but it also allows you to have your progress tracked, so that you are better prepared in the future when you want to go down that road again.

Marijuana is nothing to be intimidated by – it can help you achieve an entirely new and better lifestyle if you learn to ingest it properly and not overdo it. This will happen when you teach yourself to take into consideration all variables and exercise self-restraint and be smart about how and when you eat your edibles.

With the knowledge that you need to make your edible experience a good one, go forth and conquer the world of Cannabis! Eat your edibles, make your own, see what the ruckus is about and you’ll find yourself hooked on it like everyone else is.


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