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Cannabis Legalization and Its Effect on Patients

Cannabis Legalization and Its Effect on Patients

With the legalization of Cannabis, the use of cannabis-based products has taken the respective areas by the plague. Cannabis offers numerous benefits, including the ones in the economic, social and health sectors. Today we are focusing on the health sector, the impact of legalization of Cannabis on patients who use cannabis products as their medications.

How cannabis legalization actually affected the patients 

The use of Cannabis-based products is increasingly becoming popular throughout the world. As a pioneer in legalizing the use of Cannabis, Canada brought out the act called the Cannabis act after a thorough consideration of facts with the number of lawsuits. This Cannabis act was brought to make it more accessible to everyone. Though the fact is so, what we hear is quite different from the expectancy of the Cannabis act. Most people out of 360,000 medical marijuana patients express their ideas different from that proclamation.

The veteran cannabis lawyer who fought the case of accessing marijuana for clients since 1970 says that the government focused on the recreational cannabis market and failed to give enough attention to the medical marijuana patients when the cannabis act was legalized. Moreover, he says that the government’s priority should have been given to medical patients because medical patients are the only ones whose constitutional rights were offended by legalization.

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He has heard enough complaints regarding this controversial act to begin building a lawsuit against the federal government forced to adjust the laws. And he is asking any medical patient who uses Cannabis as medicine to fill out a questionnaire about their own experiences.

And another fact that can be considered with great deliberation is the 2016 Federal court case, which is also known as the Allard decision, after Neil Allard, one of the four plaintiffs, that made it a constitutionally legal right for Canadians to grow their Cannabis for medical purposes. This resulted in a series of other medical cannabis court wins, making it a legal right for patients to grow their own Cannabis, buy from compassion clubs and online dispensaries and to consume Cannabis as concentrates and oils, as well as buds.

It is about protecting children and novice users, as a fair point, but it should not be muddled with restricting Cannabis for the ones who consume for medical purposes.

Ironically, though, this case became the cause to start the legalization of recreational Cannabis. The consequential cannabis act did not provide a legal framework for the continuation of compassion clubs and some medical dispensaries.

Although there will be an amendment to this act later this year, which will legalize oils and edibles, it won’t be available in concentration and amounts some patients need. And finally, the government will continue to limit hemp farming to low CBD varieties, impeding all efforts for the development of high CBD products.

Concerned parties, in this case, explain that the government has to recognize a patient’s need for high end, meaning high concentration extracts. And the government has to make provisions for more medical dispensaries and compassion clubs. So that the patients can look, smell and talk, about the drug, just the way one can experience at a pharmacy.

They also say that the court has ruled over and over making the government to provide access to a patient’s medicine. Or else they are impacting the safety of the person. And clearly, that is against the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

What do we have to offer? 

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With the widening of cannabis marketing, the attention towards the health sector and the impact of Cannabis to the health sector has taken a substantial amount of attention. But the complaints authorities receive from the medical patients who use marijuana for medical purposes explain that the new act of legalization has made it harder for patients to access the products.

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And it is proven that the new act is focused on recreational cannabis usage more than Cannabis used for medical purposes. This act finally has made it possible to farm the necessary Cannabis on their own for medicinal purposes. And it has been made clear that the government should pay more attention to medical cannabis productions more than recreational usage and should provide necessary provisions.

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