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Pink Kush

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Pink Kush is a strain of cannabis that has roots in three cities: Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Toronto. It is an excellent mix of both indica and sativa genetics. The strain was developed by Pink Floyd, Hollywood Boys, and Northern Lights #5 X Haze to produce a lemon-lime flavored smoke with a pleasant taste.

The effects are clearly attributed to the indica genes; the high makes you tired and sedentary while numbing your body’s senses – especially your sense of pain. The strain was sold in a limited number of medical dispensaries before it was put into production again; it is now only available at a limited number of medical dispensaries.

Pink Kush is one of the most popular strains of marijuana; you can find it anywhere from Los Angeles to Hollywood or even in Canada due to its indica high and its long lasting relief. It has been known to reduce nausea, great for stress, paranoia and for people suffering from chronic pain.

The plants may reach up to 18 feet but grow best in an indoor setting with soil. The plant can take 8-10 weeks before harvest and leaves are light green with hints of purple coloring with dark green leaves sprinkled down the stalk.

Flavors and scents are not limited to lemon-lime, there is also a piney smell that comes with a sweet, earthy taste. This is one strain that can definitely be used for social gatherings or just for pure enjoyment.

Although the effects are strong, they do not last too long; this makes it perfect for daytime use. It is also a good choice for pain relief without overwhelming the user with an indica high. In fact, some people who tried Pink Kush even say they felt happy after smoking it.


The origins of Pink Kush strain are not well-documented but according to Cannabis Culture, some people have claimed that it is the product of Hash Plant Seeds. Pinks was introduced in the early 2000’s when Pink Floyd was tasked to create a hybrid cannabis that would be used by their friends and fans. The company wanted their new product to have some “sweetness” to it so they decided on an indica-dominant hybrid that would be known as “Pink Kush.”

Another claim that has been made is that Pink Kush Strain came from a cross between Sensi Seeds and Blue Dream, the result was a plant with a sativa-dominant high and an indica-dominant body effect.

This strain is available in Canada and you can only get your hands on it at select high end dispensaries. The price varies depending on where you buy it from; if you purchase it online, they will usually have it shipped within 24 hours and will be charged a flat rate.

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